What Doesn’t Kill Us

Scott Carney

with Scott Carney

Investigative journalist, anthropologist & best-selling author

What Doesn’t Kill Us

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Moe Abdou is joined by Investigative journalist, Scott Carney to explore the powerful force that will ignite your inner power.

What Doesn’t Kill Us

If you’re not convinced that you can heal from the inside-out, I urge you to listen to my conversation with investigative journalist, Scott Carney.  Regardless of whether you find yourself dealing with self-induced stress, immune system deficiencies, or simply a lack of creative fulfillment; chances are likely that your mind and body are misaligned.   

Throughout his professional career, Carney had always been on the hunt for impostors around the world falsely claiming a special knowledge or a depth of expertise so intoxicating, that others would rush to imitate – And in 2012, one such individual would emerge, and soon Carney was traveling to Poland for what would ultimately become a life enhancing experience.  Wim Hof is a Dutch adventurer who had been advocating an ability to influence his body temperature at will, and in the process leverage his mind to multiply his endurance, regulate his immune system, and improve his overall wellbeing – Too good to be true?  that’s what Carney thought until he put meaning to the metaphor ‘What Doesn’t Kill Us’.  His experiment wasn’t without suffering of course; still, listen to how he describes the pace in which he was able to conquer his mind – here are a few of the topics we discuss:

  • The three components of the Wim Hof Method
  • The psychological & physiological impact that he experienced
  • The proper breathing method & rhythm 
  • The miracle of the cold
  • His morning ritual and spiritual practice 
  • Defining Risk
  • Triggering the mind-body connection – on-demand