What Happens When Work Becomes Fun?

Bruce Daisley

with Bruce Daisley

Workplace Culture Enthusiast, Author, and Podcast Host

What Happens When Work Becomes Fun?

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In an important and timely conversation about the invisible roadblocks that prevent most of us from doing our best work, Moe is joined by former Twitter, YouTube, Google, and Emap executive, Bruce Daisley to discuss why joy at work multiplies productivity.

The correlation between happiness and productivity

There’s no shortage of dialogue and perspective on workplace culture – and while each carries it’s own relevance, it’s rare to find the credibility that comes from someone who actually lives it everyday.  For nearly two decades, Bruce Daisley has had a front row seat to the types of modern environments that we’ve come to hail – Google, YouTube, and Twitter have been on the forefront of workplace experiments – still, optimizing performance and elevating meaning at work remains an overarching challenge. 

Since launching his top-ranked podcast – Eat Sleep Work Repeat, Daisley has been obsessed with understanding the correlation between workplace happiness and productivity; and as you’ll discover in this and in nearly all his conversations, success is as much a leadership issue as it is a generational tone.  If you’re a founder, leader, advisor, or simply a team member seeking a more inspired way to look at work, listen for the following from Bruce:

  • Broadly speaking – what inspires people, and himself to do their best work?
  • What are the most consistent barriers to high performance?
  • The leadership moment when he discovered his own shortcomings?
  • Why agency and autonomy matter and how to design for them?
  • The real science behind lunch breaks.
  • Why silent meetings are more collaborative and efficient?
  • The challenge of having your identity wrapped up in your work?
  • Why sophomore seasons are particularly challenging for artists, athletes & leaders?
  • The science of building teams and why having a good friend at work is a great predictor of happiness at work?
  • Why and how humor creates psychological safety?
  • A deliberate approach to improving your mental health.
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