When Trusting The Process is Not Just a Cliché

Scott O'Neil

with Scott O'Neil

Chief Executive Officer

When Trusting The Process is Not Just a Cliché

When Trusting The Process is Not Just a Cliché 1010 1010 33Voices

World-class organizations don’t exist without world-class leadership – and no one embodies that more than HBSE CEO, Scott O’Neil. In this episode, he’ll convince you that winning at any level starts by envisioning a future beyond your current reality towards a more meaningful North Star.

What Losing Teaches You About Winning

One of the defining characteristics of world-class athletes is their ability to recover from setbacks. Not only do they do it quickly and with passion; more importantly, they embrace it from a totally different lens. Theirs is a perspective of always learning, always improving, and never letting their yesterdays define their tomorrows.  And in the business of sports, that is as true for the individual athlete as it is for the organization paying his/her salary.

As I write this, the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers are legitimate title contenders – not only do they have a dynamic team on the floor; their leaders off the court possess their own superpowers.  As the Chief Executive of Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment, Scott O’Neil has had his fair share of setbacks; still he too, has never let them define him.  Instead, he chose to focus on developing the internal fortitude to see beyond the horizon.

In his book – Be Where Your Feet Are: Seven Principles to Keep You Present, Grounded, and Thriving – he takes you through his darkest moments to demonstrate that regardless of who you are, how you’re built, or what business you’re in – tough times really don’t last, but only if you’re willing to see beyond them. A few of the areas we explore include the following:

  • The invisible forces that contribute to a championship culture
  • The leadership factor – both on and off the court
  • Why reinvention matters as much when you’re winning as when you’re losing?
  • The motivational triggers that come from losing
  • The self-deceptions of leaders at all levels
  • When you know the process you’re trusting is the right process for you?
  • Talent assessment – Key triggers to identify both a great & bad hires?
  • Knowing when to part ways with key team members
  • The importance of getting your head right
  • When not to change the race