Happiness Flows From Kindness

Victoria Thain Gioia

with Victoria Thain Gioia

Co-founder of Perelel

Happiness Flows From Kindness

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Perelel Co-founder Victoria Thain Gioia and Jenna kickoff exploring how we can change the conversation around pregnancy by more intentionally supporting mothers from fertility through postpartum. Victoria was inspired to launch Perelel after her daughter was born with a cleft lip. It was this scary life chapter and a blind friend date with her now co-founder that taught her that we can’t predict our journeys only embrace where they lead us. We chat about letting go of rigid life plans, timelines, and comparing our path to others.

Happiness and success are about fulfillment. What fills us up most? Kindness. Our most important intention is how we make others feel because the little moments are the ones we remember.