Masculinity 2.0

Tim Samuels

with Tim Samuels

Documentary-maker, Broadcaster & Author

Masculinity 2.0

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Acclaimed documentary filmmaker, Tim Samuels joins Moe Abdou to explore why modern Masculinity isn’t what it used to be – and why today’s modern man thinks, acts, and lives differently.

Masculinity 2.0

In one of the more fascinating conversations that I’ve had – this dialogue with the brilliant BBC journalist & filmmaker, Tim Samuels challenged me to pause and contemplate the real reasons why the state of the world is so unsettling, and at times troubling; especially when it comes to the contribution of men.  There’s no denying the seriousness of this topic and thanks to the #metoo movement, it has become an urgent call for the entirety of the men’s population to rise up and reimagine what it truly means to be a man in 2019 and beyond.

We have a lot more to come on this topic, but for the time being – I urge you to take a look at Tim’s latest book – Future man:  How to Evolve and Thrive in The Age of Trump, Mansplanning, And #Metoo – and to listen carefully to his commentary during this conversation.  Here are a few of the questions we discuss:

  • Why is what’s happening with men today happening?
  • What’s the common thread amongst the troubled, mass shooters?
  • What most men never admit and why certain topics are ignored?
  • Reimagining mental health.
  • A modern man’s view of work.
  • Why success isn’t what it used to be & what to do about it?
  • A message to captains of industry & leaders of thriving organizations.
  • How a modern man defines love?
  • Money and men in 2019 and beyond.
  • Relationships – why they fall apart & when they work.
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