Wired for Authenticity

Henna Inam

with Henna Inam

Founder of Transformational Leadership Inc.

Wired for Authenticity

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Moe and Henna Inam talk about proven strategies based on neuroscience research to help you be more agile, be less overwhelmed, influence clients and lead your team with more inspiration.

Are You Wired for Authenticity?

I’ve never been one to advocate any great disparity between male and female leaders. To me, great leadership is simply that: great leadership.  The most revered leaders, regardless of gender, race or ethnicity, always make it their highest priority to ignite greatness in everyone around them; for they know that only then will they be able to serve their customer appropriately, build a well-respected brand, and sustain superior performance.   In her book, Wired for Authenticity:  Seven Practices to Inspire, Adapt, & Lead , Henna Inam draws on her executive experience to give new meaning to the over-hyped axiom ‘authentic leadership’.  To her, knowing yourself isn’t the same as being a real and trustworthy leader; in fact, it just might be what’s keeping you stagnate.  

As you’ll notice in this interview, I take a step back with Inam to learn how her experience managing a two billion dollar franchise led to these seven principles.  

Here’s what we discuss:

  • The state of women in leadership 
  • The evolution of her own leadership philosophy 
  • Why authenticity is over-hyped and how you can redefine it
  • The seven principles in practice 
  • Why “giving yourself an ‘A’” doesn’t make you perfect
  • Why you should choose to ‘be’ before you choose to ‘do’
  • Demonstrating authenticity in Marketing