Your Kingdom Work

Rusty Rueff

with Rusty Rueff

Chairman, The GRAMMY Foundation

Your Kingdom Work

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Moe, Marilyn and Rusty discuss living a fulfilled life through meaningful work

Your ‘Kingdom Work’

Visit Rusty Rueff’s Purposed Working blog, and you’ll get a glimpse of the man from his message in the upper right hand corner – “Ask yourself, “What would be the most meaningful, long-lasting and important things you could do with the 40 (or more) hours of the week spent in the office, working?”  How do we make our work also our “Kingdom Work”?  God, has put us all here for a life purpose, our work included.  Ours is the challenge and the opportunity to match ourselves to His purpose in our work.  If we do so, expect a more fulfilled and aligned life.”  

Rusty is not only a man of faith; more so, he’s super-sized human being who lives to ignite the greatness in everyone around him.  Ask him to define his own “Kingdom Work?” and this is what you’ll hear.