Your Life in Flow

Erin Kleinberg

with Erin Kleinberg

CEO of Métier Creative and Founder of SIDIA

Your Life in Flow

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Who are the people who shaped you? For Erin Kleinberg, it’s her grandmother, Sidia, a Holocaust survivor who immigrated to Canada and created an incredible life as the iconic pillar of her family. “Fashion was a vehicle for her soul,” Erin shares. She’s since designed the womenswear brand, SIDIA, to honor her legacy and inspire us to stand as the women who came before us.

Erin is a contagious creative spirit. She’s learned that ‘the more we’re ourselves, the more our work soars’ and believes in embracing the momentum. It’s essential to know where that momentum is taking you. We chat about the importance of knowing your ‘there,’ always thinking about the future, and reinventing yourself. It’s the path to creating our most authentic lives.

Photography: Norman Wong