Investing in the future of Africa

Zandre Campos

with Zandre Campos

Chairman and CEO of ABO Capital

Investing in the future of Africa

Investing in the future of Africa 200 200 33Voices

Moe is joined by the Chairman and CEO of Angola’s ABO Capital to discuss the rise of entrepreneurship and disruption in the African Region. 

The rise of possibilities in Africa

Zandre Campos is one of the most influential entrepreneurial voices to emerge from Africa.  As chairman and CEO of the Angola investment firm, ABO Capital, Mr. Campos is igniting a new breed of entrepreneur throughout the African region.  His foresight and tireless pursuit is not only shifting the region’s economic outlook; more importantly, it’s challenging the bureaucracy and anemic approach to innovation within the energy, transportation, health care, hospitality, technology, and real estate sectors. 

In this conversation, you’ll get a candid look at what it takes to reimagine possibilities, alter mindsets, and inject hope in a region that so desperately yearns for a better future.  Here are a few of the questions we explore:

  • Why Africa, why now?
  • The mental fortitude to continually fight gravity.
  • Who’s driving this entrepreneurial shift?
  • The expectations of millennials in the region?
  • Where to begin making a difference in education?
  • The one skill that improves the odds of entrepreneurial success in the region?
  • An approach to reduce poverty in the region.