Episode #349 Carmine Gallo Communication Coach

Carmine Gallo

with Carmine Gallo

Communication Coach and Best Selling Author

Episode #349 Carmine Gallo Communication Coach

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Insanely great loyalty

The soul of Apple is it’s people.  Walk into an Apple store and you’re immediately Approached with a warm personal welcome.  Ask a team member about the new iPad and she Probes politely to understand your needs.  Describe your problem, and she Presents an appropriate solution that you can take home that day.  Stuck with a technical problem, the Genius Bar team member will Listen carefully and help you resolve any issue.  Finally, as you walk out, your experience Ends with a fond fair-well and an invitation to return.  That’s what Carmine Gallo calls, The Apple Experience.  It’s insanely great and custom designed to enrich your life.  Here’s the genius behind each letter of the word ……