The Value of Debt

Thomas Anderson

with Thomas Anderson

Author of The Value of Debt

The Value of Debt

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33voices interviews Tom Anderson, author of The Value of Debt.

The Value of Debt

One of the great misconceptions about money is the notion that all debt is harmful.  No one will deny that high interest credit card debt is toxic, yet when you consider the tax advantages inherent in mortgage debt for example, you can certainly see why financing your primary residence is considered a smart strategy – largely due to the more attractive loan terms and its payment flexibility.  Although this is a simple contrast, its one that clearly demonstrates why no variable in isolation will lead to maximum results; only when measured from macro perspective, do we see the real impact of a single transaction.  

In his book, The Value of Debt, Thomas J. Anderson gives you a compelling reason to re-think your optimal debt strategy, and it starts with your definition of wealth.