HATCH Founder On Your Instinct As Your Mentor

Ariane Goldman

with Ariane Goldman

CEO and Founder of HATCH

HATCH Founder On Your Instinct As Your Mentor

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HATCH CEO and Founder Ariane Goldman and Jenna discuss how her parents “thirst for life” as founders inspired her to pursue entrepreneurship, the catalyst for HATCH and the brand’s evolution from a clothing line into a community that empowers every mother to tap into her own unique sense of strength.

We chat about our shared humanity facing challenges, how sharing them helps us all feel more confident and reassured, and how putting in the work during the early years affords us freedom of choice in the future.

Ariane opens up about her journey learning to have faith in change, how she came to see her gut instinct as a trusted friend and mentor, as well as the question that she asks herself to ensure she is experiencing the fullness of her life each day rather than judging it at the end.

Highlights from the Transcript

  • On empowering every mother to own her strength: “What I love about this moment for HATCH is that we’ve become a platform where people share their insecurities, fears and ask questions about a totally new phase of life. HATCH isn’t about providing a specific perspective. It’s about providing you with facts and opinions and then empowering you as a woman, with your own sense of strength, to make the choices that are right for you without being influenced by what other people might tell you to do.”
  • On adversity and wisdom: “I am so grateful for all of the adversity because that’s where wisdom comes from. Knowing that I have come so far in these moments of adversity is what gives me confidence and drives me today.”
  • On our collective challenges: “When you start to talk about your challenges or listen to others share their’s, you recognize how many similarities we all share. It makes the journey a lot less lonely…We’re all struggling and feeling the same emotions as human beings. There are these walls up because of taboos about what we can share. If you break them down, we’re just humans. And, when you make humanity your common denominator it makes you feel stronger, more confident, and assured that we all go through this. You’re going to be okay.”
  • On putting in the work to own your future: “I decided to build Hatch brick by brick, without getting investment for the first six years. It was harder, especially as a woman, trying to figure this out and compete with other companies that were getting so much fanfare and press coverage because they raised money. I’m so grateful that I stuck to my guns and figured it out the harder, longer way. Now, Hatch is set up for true success because we have such a strong foundation underneath us. I learned so many lessons without money. I never wanted to feel too rich because I was afraid of all of the air pockets that would be underneath my feet. Now we are so solid that we can make choices and take risks, where if we fall we won’t fall so hard. I am grateful that my ability to trust my instincts continues to get stronger as I get more mature through this…I am still putting in the blood sweat and tears but now I have more freedom to choose where I want to take risks.”
  • On having faith in change: “I can’t control everything and so things change often. So, I’m equipping myself with the tools inside to be okay with that, to look at the glass half full, see the ways that change helps us, and have faith in it… I get stuck in the fear of not knowing what I don’t know; That’s why I don’t want things to change. I’ve started to embrace the fear because when I look back in life, all of the changes have gotten me to where I am so I have be grateful for them. I’m trying to have a little more faith and trust that everything is going to be okay. As long as I keep my heart, passion and empathy in place, we’ll get through the change.”
  • On your instinct as your coach: “I listen to my instinct as if it’s my coach in the room. I listen to the cues of what isn’t feeling right, ask questions to explore those areas inside of me, let those insights surface, and see how I react to them. I use my instinct as a tool and a mentor. I no longer quiet that voice. I let it rise, use it as my best friend and trust it.”
  • On fulfillment check-ins: “Truly asking myself if I am excited to wake up and do what I am doing every day is my check-in to ensure that I am living my best life as I live it. I am very fearful of resentment or regret so I proactively make choices to make sure that I am living in my life as opposed to judging it later in retrospect. Everything I do in a given day is the essence of life to me. It is not for the future. I’m not looking to sell HATCH, make money and then start living. Building the company is my journey. Raising my children is my journey. Making sure that I enjoy the smell of my apartment when I walk in at night is my journey. All of these moments are what we have today because we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. I truly believe that. Every day is what I am working with. I really work hard to optimize it, make sure that my senses are front loaded and that I am feeling every moment. That is the definition of life to me.”