How ALOHA is Democratizing Wellness

Constantin Bisanz

with Constantin Bisanz

Founder of ALOHA

How ALOHA is Democratizing Wellness

How ALOHA is Democratizing Wellness 450 450 33Voices

Constantin and Jenna discuss ALOHA’s mission to help people achieve optimal wellness and how he personally finds balance as a serial entrepreneur.

Insights from Constantin

On the ALOHA Philosophy: 

  • “Food is the foundation of health. Food is medicine and good food can heal. “
  • “We believe that happiness is a result of a balance between eating clean foods, being physically active, embracing mindfulness and spirituality, prioritizing sleep, and having great relationships.”
  • “‘Alo’ means sharing and ‘Ha’ means the breath of life. That’s what I like to do, share the breath of life…My passion is to inspire people to live better and to meet amazing people who teach me to live better so I can share it with our community.”
  • “We try to spread the ALOHA mission by inspiring and educating, not lecturing.”

On Finding and Keeping Balance as a Founder:

  • “Starting a company is like playing Super Mario; You’re facing challenges from all sides and you have to overcome them. You have to be intrinsically driven and passionate about what you do. Find something with meaning that gives you a life of purpose.
  • “Meditation is like a mini-vacation. At the beginning, my thoughts are really crazy – thinking about the last meeting and the next one – and then my thoughts calm down and everything eases out. It only takes 20 minutes to reset your mind…When you are running from meeting to meeting you have no time to focus on yourself.”
  • “When something seems really bad in one situation, it turns out to be great in another. Remind yourself of those occasions often and keep going.”
  • “It’s not easy, but everyone can carve out time to do things that are good for you. You have to have meetings with yourself. Schedule things like your meditation and workouts on your calendar or you won’t do them. It’s important to take yourself really seriously and treat yourself well. If you aren’t happy, you can’t lead and motivate others. Even in the most stressful times, I always keep my meditation practice, eat clean, get a minimum eight hours of sleep, and workout. No matter what. It helps you regain energy. When you sleep on something, the next day it’s already much better.”