How Do We Become More Self Aware?

Kendall Bird

with Kendall Bird

Co-founder and CEO of Frame

How Do We Become More Self Aware?

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Frame Co-founder and CEO Kendall Bird and Jenna discuss how to cultivate self awareness to better understand and be our best selves. We learn about the life-changing benefits of therapy and understanding how our experiences influence our mental health and the way we interact with the world. Kendall aspires to ‘live in a constant pursuit of self awareness’ and we explore how we can discover the situations that make us thrive so we can actively write our stories.

How Do We Become More Self Aware?

The first time I viewed Frame’s digital therapy workshops I was surprised to learn about the difference between stress and anxiety. I felt similarly learning that there are two types of trauma – big and little t trauma – and that because ‘little t’ trauma often goes unnoticed past experiences may be unknowingly impacting us. By my third surprise learning, I found myself asking: How do we not know this? We consume so much information each day and Frame’s content made me question whether we’re missing the most important education of all: How to understand and take better care of our mental health.

Frame’s mission to democratize access to mental health has been top of mind since and it feels fitting that Co-founder Kendall Bird and I spent our conversation discussing self-awareness. I appreciate her aspiration to “live in constant pursuit of self awareness” as it’s the root from which everything stems. In order to be our best and happiest selves, we have to first understand ourselves. This means asking questions like: What are your core beliefs? What do you care about? What makes you tick? What situations make you thrive? Which trigger anxiety? When do you feel your best? 

Consider reflecting on Kendall’s questions and seeing where they lead you. Then, tune into our episode and let us know what you think.

Here’s a glimpse of what we discuss:

  • The wide-ranging benefits of therapy, from understanding and processing how our experiences influence us to designing our most meaningful life
  • Living in constant pursuit of self awareness
  • How to articulate the situations that make you thrive and those that cause you stress
  • Consciously rewriting our stories and rewiring self limiting believes
  • Intentionally approaching the unexpected feelings that accompany growth