Rediscovering Your Personal Authority

Dr. James Hollis

with Dr. James Hollis

Executive Director Jung Society of Washington, DC

Rediscovering Your Personal Authority

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Jungian master, Dr. James Hollis joins Moe Abdou to explore the unconscious patterns that trap us into living shallow lives.

Rediscovering Your Personal Authority

I’ve long admired the thinking of Swiss Psychiatrist, Carl Jung; so when I had the opportunity to explore a few of the questions that I’ve always wanted to ask with Jungian master, Dr. James Hollis – I knew the depth of my curiosity was about to be heightened.  And, that it did.

In addition to his private practice, fifteen books, and fifty articles; Dr. Hollis is the Executive Director of Jung Society of Washington, DC where the concepts of Jung come to life – most notably, the idea that “in each of us there is another whom we do not know”.  From afar, this notion of the ‘shadow’ made a lot of sense to me, for how else can any of us explain the stupid shit that at some point we all come to regret – still, it wasn’t until I met Dr. Hollis that I fully grasped the magnitude on its impact on my life.  None of us are immune to it, but all of us can overpower it.  It starts with an uncompromising commitment to know the Truth, and that only happens when you reframe the questions you’re asking yourself.

We cover a lot in this conversation starting with a defining set of questions that will almost certainly challenge the outer limits of your thinking – Here is a sampling of the topics we discuss:

  • What influences the story that each of us is telling ourselves.
  • Is there a positive side to the ‘shadow’?
  • The correlation between your shadow, your dreams, and your values.
  • Do organizations have a shadow?
  • The impact of the ‘shadow’ on leadership effectiveness.
  • The two key questions that life asks from you.
  • Why the very thing you fear is produced by your own behavior & what to do about it.
  • Why ‘meaning’ is so elusive to so many?
  • What does the ‘shadow’ teach you about relationship?
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