Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On it

Kamal Ravikant

with Kamal Ravikant

Tech entrepreneur, investor, & bestselling author

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On it

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In an important followup conversation about self-acceptance, Moe is rejoined by Kamal Ravikant to take a deeper look at what it takes to be as genuine with yourself as you are with those most precious to you.

Can You Truly Love Yourself?

Does a simple question – taken seriously, very seriously – have the power to truly shift the direction of your life?  

The answer, of course, is that ‘it depends’.  It depends on your circumstances.  It depends on your level of desperation.  It depends on how much you respect yourself and the perception that you have of yourself. And, it ultimately depends on what you truly want to get out of the one life you’ve been given.  

Earlier this year, I heard Bruce Springsteen lose himself on stage describing the demons that still haunt him saying that ‘everybody is broken in someway – physically, emotionally, spiritually….in this life no one gets away unhurt.”  He went on to talk about spending “… 35 years trying to let go of the destructive part of {his} character – and that {he} still has days when {he} struggles with it.”  And, as I’m listening to him, I’m reminded of a conversation that I had earlier with my dear friend, Kamal Ravikant about an unexpected medical situation that almost took his life.

Seven years ago, Kamal shared a bold manifesto with the world where he openly described what happened when he made a commitment to love himself – to truly and sincerely love himself.  At that time, it was deeply personal and one of those life defining moments; but little did he know that a vast community of his followers were seeking that very invitation to reimagine the direction of their own lives.  

It goes without saying that Kamal’s message has resonated, and as such has inspired an even deeper look at what it takes to be as genuine with yourself as you are with those most precious to you.  The latest version of Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It – expands his thinking on the topic and shares the exact methodology that he continues to refine to reach a peak state of mind.  In our latest conversation, we’ll not only dive into the process, but we’ll get a first hand look at what happens when your beliefs mirror your actions – Here’s what we discuss:

  • What makes truly loving yourself so difficult for so many?
  • Discovering your Truth.
  • What’s behind the mantra ‘Darkness is the absences of light’?
  • Understanding the art of forgiveness.
  • The power of saying ‘yes’.
  • Putting fear in perspective and understanding how to deal with doubt?
  • Reframing success and understanding how not to be trapped by it?
  • Why and how your breath is a great teacher?
  • If I loved myself truly and deeply, would I let myself experience ______?
  • The key to unconditional acceptance.
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