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Michael Brenner

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Marketing and Content Strategy for Brands

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Moe and Michael Brenner discuss how content marketing is here to stay and how to come up with the best strategy possible.

The ROI of your Blog

Groove is an upstart help desk software platform that’s reimagining personal customer support, and giving it a modern twist.  At its essence, the platform is elegant, rich in features and very intuitive to use; yet what makes it stand alone in my eyes is the intelligent approach in which they utilize content marketing.  Since the beginning, CEO and Founder, Alex Turnbull has made it a strategic priority to share their startup journey with anyone willing to listen.  Take a peek at their blog and you’ll notice that it’s divided into two key components; the journey towards $100k of monthly recurring revenue, and the strategies behind delivering remarkable customer support.  Each delivers compelling insights that not only leave you smarter, but more importantly, saves you from making the same mistakes.  

In a post on May 22nd entitled “The ROI of Blogging:  What the Groove blog is worth to our startup” Turnbull addressed the preverbal issue of having to quantify the value of a blog.  After breaking down the nominal costs associated with maintaining it, he went on to identify these four outcomes that make the greatest contribution to their bottom line:

  • Increased subscribers – A blog subscriber is multiple times more valuable than the average site visitor.

  • Trust validation – The more stories, emotions and vulnerabilities you express, the greater the trust level.

  • Social – Publish content that people find valuable and they’ll share it.

  • X-factor – Partnership opportunities, guest blogging and increased press mentions.

In the end, he stresses that doing it right isn’t buying traffic or writing fluffy content, its ‘doing your best to publish valuable, interesting and useful content, and then doing everything you can to make sure that your potential customers see it.”  Michael Brenner is no stranger to the value of great content; for the better part of a decade, he’s been helping brands modernize their marketing approach through the proper positioning of content marketing.  And, while the keys to his success mirror what we see from Turnbull, its overcoming this temptation that will get you noticed.