Meet Your Robo-Lawyer

Joshua Browder

with Joshua Browder

Entrepreneur and Founder of DoNotPay

Meet Your Robo-Lawyer

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Moe Abdou is joined by the bold founder of a first of its kind chatbot – DoNotPay Joshua Browder to discuss a modern approach to justice, civil rights, and consumer protection.  

Meet Your New Robo-Lawyer

If you’ve ever been annoyed because you got an unjustified parking ticket, a silly traffic violation, or found yourself on hold for an hour to fight an incorrect cable bill or bank fee – then you owe it to yourself to get familiar with Joshua Browder’s chatbot – DoNotPay.  As the first of its kind Robo-Lawyer, its built to advance consumer rights by automating the routine ‘copy and paste’ legal work necessary to fight a wide variety of disputes ranging from customer service and interpersonal disputes, to government paperwork and parking tickets.  

Like any inventive technology, DoNotPay is in its infancy; still as you’ll hear Browder describe, achieving just a fraction of their vision will position them to have a far-reaching impact on helping consumers regain their power.  Here are a few of the areas we touch on:

  • The obsession towards justice.
  • What exactly is DoNotPay and how does it work?
  • How is technology replacing rules & challenging the legal system?
  • The process of challenging a dispute?
  • The one principle that Browder & his team use in all negotiations?
  • How to stimulate a constant flow of ideas?
  • When & why you should kill an idea?