How Family Values saved Dollar General

Cal Turner Jr

with Cal Turner Jr

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

How Family Values saved Dollar General

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Former Dollar General CEO, Cal Turner Jr joins Moe Abdou to relive the trials and tribulations of growing a multi-generation family business.    

How Family Values saved Dollar General

If ever there was an individual who exemplifies what it means to be an exceptional human being, it has to be Cal Turner Jr.  The former Dollar General CEO & patriarch of the Cal Turner Family Foundation has lived a life guided by the singular purpose of serving the underserved.  Understanding early on the essence of building relationships, he made it a priority to reach out and connect with everyone.  “I learned to be interested and respectful no matter what.  I learned to share my toys, to like people from all walks of life, to be friendly and polite at all times.”  

His thirty-eight years at Dollar General were unique.  A brilliant student of  people, his example and experience go far beyond the thousands of employees who helped shape his vision.  His authenticity is rooted in a life tried and tested, a life dedicated to faith and service, social change, and the total transformation of the hearts and minds of those less fortunate consumers that he never stopped trying to understand.  “My business is my ministry” he would share with me during our conversation – and as you’ll find out, this is a wondrous opportunity to for all of us to lean-into his universal altruism and to learn from example.  Here are the key talking points that guide our discussion: 

  • The family lessons that shaped his identity 
  • The lessons from his customers that helped shape Dollar General
  • The rebirth of Dollar General under his leadership
  • The confidence to make & standby his tough decisions 
  • The coming of age leadership moment
  • When/how to reshape your priorities as a leader
  • The key pillars of his legacy; and his call to philanthropy