The Strategy Mindset

Chuck Bamford

with Chuck Bamford

Managing Partner of Bamford Associates, LLC

The Strategy Mindset

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Moe and Dr. Chuck Bamford talk about a simple yet practical guide to creating corporate strategy using well researched and battle-tested approaches.

The Science Behind Developing Effective Strategy

Strategy is as essential to a business as oxygen is to the body, still too often, it’s misunderstood and misaligned.  Even the most novice of leader is apt to recognize good strategy when she sees it, largely because it’s simple and obvious.  Bad strategy, on the other hand, is much more difficult to distinguish because it’s disguised everywhere.

Chuck Bamford has been teaching the underpinnings of good strategy for the better part of two decades at the University of Notre Dame, at Universities in Scotland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.  What you’ll notice throughout my conversation with him is an unwavering commitment to go beyond what you think you know about your unique abilities, and to identify the one or two aspects of your business that only you can do.

Here’s what you can expect to hear:  

  • What’s wrong with strategy as we know it?
  • Why should you be cautious when using SWOT as a strategy tool?
  • The two key ingredients of effective strategy
  • The science of predictable strategy
  • Why your employees aren’t your greatest asset
  • What your brand doesn’t say about your business
  • The most effective way to measure the effectiveness of your strategy