Harnessing Collective Intelligence

Michael Sonnenfeldt

with Michael Sonnenfeldt

Entrepreneur and Founder & Chairman of Tiger 21

Harnessing Collective Intelligence

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Moe Abdou is joined by Michael Sonnenfeldt –  the Founder & Chairman of the world’s premier peer-to-peer learning community, Tiger 21 – to discuss why/how the most admired entrepreneurs are infinite learners.

Harnessing Collective Intelligence

At the heart of Tiger 21 – a premier peer-to-peer learning network, is a collective of highly successful entrepreneurs who’ve not only reached the pinnacle of success; but who are the type of inspired individuals who share a relentless pursuit to make the world a better place.  Their patriarch – Michael Sonnenfeldt – is the quintessential dreamer who never shies from risk, but is one who’s always placed immense value on leveraging the experiences of others.

At 24, he convinced a seasoned real estate veteran 30+ years his senior, to bet on a rookie and join him in what would then become the largest commercial real estate renovation project of it’s kind in the New York Metropolitan area.  “That first deal of mine would never have happened without my mentor and partner, David Former….”  Sonnenfeldt often says, “…He had spent 30 years buying, building, and selling real estate in Los Angeles, London, and Saudi Arabia….. Common wisdom has it that the best teacher is experience.  Indeed, in my 40-year career as an entrepreneur, I have found that the best teacher is experience – someone else’s experience…”

It was after selling his second company nearly twenty years ago, that the power of collective brainpower became Michael’s singular focus, and the beginning of what we now know as – Tiger 21.  He craved connection, insight, and the type of unfiltered advice about wealth, family, legacy and philanthropy that only those who stood in his shoes can share.  And you’re about to discover why this is a community without peer – here’s a glimpse of the questions we explore:

  • Finding and learning to work with mentors
  • Learning self-control
  • The harsh realities of growing a business
  • Why being underestimated is an entrepreneurial strategy
  • The evolution of Tiger 21
  • The meeting structure that’s unique to Tiger 21
  • Why entrepreneurship is rarely about making money
  • Resources: