Think Faster Talk Smarter

Matt Abrahams

with Matt Abrahams

Professor, Podcast Host, Author, Speaker, and Martial Artist

Think Faster Talk Smarter

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“Be sincere; be brief; be seated”  These six words by Franklin D. Roosevelt, which I stumbled upon during my early days as a 22-year-old sales manager, have profoundly shaped my communication philosophy.

I’ve always believed that one’s ability to effectively communicate isn’t just a skill to be honed, it’s often the key that unlocks hidden potential; particularly in business and leadership.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur working to advance an idea, a leader inspiring your team, or someone in pursuit of a higher purpose – how you speak can be the diving line between capturing or missing opportunities.

Nearly a decade ago, I met Matt Abrahams, and he challenged me to embrace style and structure in my communication.  And while I’m not naturally a process-oriented individual, I’ve come to appreciate the profound value of forging meaningful connections as a result.  I am thrilled that Matt’s latest book – Think Faster Talk Smarter – explores the topic of spontaneous communication; which each of us deals with on a regular basis.  The moments when you’re stumped by an unanticipated question, or asked to comment during an unpleasant interaction – sure, it’s easy to understand the importance of thinking on your feet; however, applying it effectively requires immense preparation.  In this episode, Matt and I discuss the various methods and frameworks that have shaped his work with entrepreneurs, leaders, and high achieving individuals.  Here’s a glimpse of the situations we discuss:

  • The mindsets that ignite impactful communication
  • An approach to crafting meaningful messages
  • Why mediocrity is the catalyst to achieving greatness
  • A method to communicate uncommon or complex ideas
  • Why the first and last minute of a presentation are critical & how to approach them
  • A framework for quick presenting or pitching
  • What Martial arts can teach you about effective communication
  • How to craft a sales presentation that doesn’t suck