Using Positive Self-Talk to Control Anxiety

Beverly Flaxington

with Beverly Flaxington

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Using Positive Self-Talk to Control Anxiety

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Moe and Beverly catch up to discuss how to develop a healthier way of thinking, overcome stressful situations, and reclaim your life.

Be Good to Yourself

In a recent Forbes article, Travis Bradberry shared 10 common traits successful people use to stay calm.  Among them is their level of gratitude, a more optimistic outlook, a deliberate focus on their breathe, and the one that I find most universal – the ability to reframe the negative self-talk.  If you’re living and breathing, chances are you’re not immune to the constant chatter that never seems to stop, still its your ability to master the discipline of detaching from those thoughts that could be the key to reclaiming your freedom.

Like Leo Tolstoy, Beverly Flaxington reminds you that reframing self-talk is a habit that starts with a commitment to change yourself.  In her book – Self-Talk for a Calmer You – she shares this approach to finding what triggers your negative self-talk —–