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Nathalie Walton

with Nathalie Walton

CEO and Co-Founder of Expectful

Your Life Vision

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When Expectful Co-founder Nathalie Walton was 17 she won a fellowship to study in Thailand and spent time at a Buddhist Ashram. It was there that she embraced the basic truths of love, compassion, and humility as her compass.

A trip to India soon after would reveal the question that would shape her journey: How do I live by my Eastern beliefs in a Western culture? She explored this in her application to Stanford GSB which has become a governing article to live with intention and be the person she aspires to be.

Vision boarding since the 90s, Nathalie has the remarkable ability of articulating and realizing her dreams. We chat about crafting a vision for your life and approaching fulfillment through the lens of time: “You never know when your clock is going to run out. Why not maximize every moment you have right now?”