Your Unique Path to Wellbeing

Stephanie McClellan

with Stephanie McClellan

Chief Medical Officer at Tia

Your Unique Path to Wellbeing

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Tia CMO Dr. Stephanie McClellan and Jenna discuss how to understand the key factors that shape our health so we can proactively improve it. Tia’s number one diagnosis is stress-related; Chronic stress influences every cell in our body and Dr.McClellan offers strategies to monitor our personal stress metrics to reverse its impact. Meditation, gratitude, and friendship play an essential role in that and we walk through how to align our mindset to improve our wellbeing.

Your Unique Path to Wellbeing

What is one thing you are grateful for right now?

Through naming it, you’ve decreased your stress levels, even mildly, and offered your mind a brief  reprieve.

“Gratitude is at the core of calming the negative communication between your brain and body,” Tia CMO Dr.McClellan shared. It’s one of the first practices she suggests for her patients who are seeking to improve their health. “When you make gratitude a foundational part of how you live, it adds up over time. Gratitude changes you.”

Dr.McCllelan is a true health pioneer. For the last three decades, she’s led integrative health practices. So, while incredibly refreshing, it’s not uncommon to hear her discuss stress and gratitude in the same sentence. In her eyes, addressing stress, for example, is not just about understanding your body’s biological response to it. Equally important, we have to discern the forces causing distress so we can develop a personal plan and practices to reverse its impact.

I especially appreciate Dr.McClellan’s approach for the way it puts you in the driver’s seat of your health and life experience. Her explanation of the different factors that compose our unique health pictures — from our hormones to our friendships — will guide you to take a close look at your own and identify strides you can take to elevate your wellbeing.

Here’s a glimpse of what we discuss…

  • Tia’s unique integrative health model and their mission to reimagine the way we approach women’s health
  • Hormone 101: Understanding the essential role hormones play in our overall health
  • The impact chronic stress has on every one of your cells and body systems and tactics to reverse it
  • How to identify your primary stressors, create your own stress metrics, and develop a personalized plan to return to equilibrium
  • Gratitude as a foundational tenet of living a happy life
  • How meditation and prayer physically change our brains, decrease inflammation in our bodies, and promote feelings of empathy and generosity
  • Why our friendships are a better predictor of good cardiac health than smoking and high cholesterol are of bad