A Modern-Day Handbook for Following Your Heart

Robbie Vorhaus

with Robbie Vorhaus

Crisis Expert, Leadership Advisor.

A Modern-Day Handbook for Following Your Heart

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Moe and Robbie discuss an ageless formula that when applied slowly, steadily and continuously, results in unimaginable happiness and success.

Listen to Your Heart

I listened to the a16z podcast today with Ben Horowitz interviewing three siblings – Caleb, Asha and Ima Christian who further reinforce the impact that each of us can have when we commit to creating solutions for the betterment of society.  Like many of you, I was bewildered by the recent situation in Ferguson, Missouri – for an innocent young man to be shot and killed by the very law enforcement agents who we trust to protect us is not only unsettling, but a greater indication of the civil issues that we’ve yet to solve as a society.

As a parent of two teenage children, I can’t begin to fathom the thought of losing a child, particularly at the hands of an irrationally insane human being.  I don’t pretend to know the details, but this is a story that we’ve heard far too many times, with no apparent end in sight, unless of course you begin to use – Five- O – the newly released app developed by the Christian siblings which will allow you to rate these police officer in the same vein you rate a business on Yelp.  These three African-American teenagers epitomize the very fiber of this generation – one that’s determined to be heard and truly ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’

In speaking with Robbie Vorhaus about his new book One Less.  One More, I began to wonder what the world might be like if more of us listened to and followed our heart.  Sure it’s a cliche, still as Vorhaus explains, lasting change rarely happens unless you slow down.  Here’s the formula he uses with his A-list clients.