Accelerating the Exponential Good

Genevieve Roth

with Genevieve Roth

Founder of Invisible Hand

Accelerating the Exponential Good

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Genevieve Roth is a maximalist. She quit her dream job to be the Creative Engagement Director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Her team at Glamour Magazine sat teenage girls in the auditorium for an event with First Lady Michelle Obama, whilst dignitaries sat in the balcony. She takes the scenic route and celebrates business wins with chicken sandwich competitions.

What inspires her zest for life? “I learned really young that the version of life I was living could be removed from me at any moment…Every cell in my body knows that the great privilege of being able to put one day in front of the other day is not a given.”  

I often grapple with what it means to live every day as if it were my last and appreciate Genevieve’s perspective on building muscles around being a maximizer. In our conversation, we explore how she imbues her life with maximalist energy — from the creative bravery that distinguishes her social impact and culture change agency, Invisible Hand, to celebrating the love stories in her life and embodying the example she hopes to set for her daughter.