Billie Is Democratizing Everyday TLC

Georgina Gooley

with Georgina Gooley

Co-founder of Billie

Billie Is Democratizing Everyday TLC

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Georgina Gooley and Jenna go behind the scenes at Billie to discuss how they’re designing best-in class body care and shaving products specifically for women, creating content through the female gaze, and slashing the Pink Tax. We also walk through formative lessons Georgina’s learned through her life and career on discovering and stepping into your voice as well as the importance of acknowledging and savoring life’s daily joys.

Key Learnings and Highlights

  • On Democratizing Self-Care: “We say that Billie is here to make an every day routine more delightful and affordable. There’s a lot of focus right now on self-care and wellbeing but it can still be elite, where the pricing of those products remains high for every day use. It was important to us to make high-quality products that are healthy for you to use on an every day basis and priced in a way where you can actually use them on an everyday basis.” 
  • On Slashing the Pink Tax: “Products and services that are targeted to women can be priced 10 – 15% higher than men’s products purely because they are being marketed towards a woman…The Pink Tax begins from childhood, a pink toy could be more expensive than an equivalent blue toy. It’s either make it pink and you can charge more or make it a little bit smaller and you can charge the same so it isn’t as great of a value.” 
  • On Building Long-Term Customer Relationships: “We don’t live in a world with one-way communication anymore, which gives us an opportunity to create stronger bonds with people…You build connections by coming at relationships with a very honest approach and listening as much as you talk. It’s like the way you would treat a friend. You would never lie or cheat a friend, especially if you want to have a long-term relationship. You would try to make every interaction fun and honest. That’s the basis of our brand.” 
  • On Officially Launching Billie: “Launching is like hosting a party. You spend months planning it and the night before you’re wondering if anyone is going to show up and whether they are going to have a good time. The difference between pre and post-launch is night and day.” 
  • On Not Ascribing to Perfection: “Just start. You can figure out the details along the way. By not starting you are letting perfection get in the way of your own progress.” 
  • On Being Heard: “You don’t have to be the loudest voice in the room to be heard. Find your own voice and deliver it in a way that is authentic to you.”
  • On Finding Your Own Style: “I was so inspired by these women because they did everything with their own grace and conviction of the way they believed things should be, even if it wasn’t the way things are.” 
  • On Everyday TLC: “I think it’s important to think about your quality of life as a whole. The last thing I would want anyone to do is look back on their life and wish they injected more pleasure into it. That’s the greater ideal, but improving our little every day moments improves our quality of life overall. Trying to find even the smallest moments of joy or magic in your day shifts the way you perceive your life as a whole.”