What Love Makes Possible

Maggie Doyne

with Maggie Doyne

Co-founder of the BlinkNow Foundation & Kopila Valley Children’s Home & School

What Love Makes Possible

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When Maggie Doyne was 18 she saw a young girl breaking stones to sell in a dried riverbed in Nepal. She was taking a gap year until Hima stopped her in her tracks.

All she could think was: “What am I supposed to do? In this moment, in this life? What are we, as a human family, supposed to do and be?”

Maggie’s initial calling to send Hima to school was the seed of a mission that soon became the BlinkNow Foundation, which now encompasses a thriving children’s home, school, women’s center, and more. It’s also the place where she became a mother to over 50 children and supports the flourishing of hundreds more.

Maggie devotes herself to her calling through love —“not in a rose colored glasses kind of way. In a way of: How do we use love as a tool for peace and joint humanity? It is a powerful restitution.”

We gain a glimpse into what love makes possible in our conversation about her stunning memoir, Between the Mountain and the Sky.