Changing the Maternal Health Conversation

Tovah Haim

with Tovah Haim

CEO and Founder of Bodily

Changing the Maternal Health Conversation

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Tovah Haim is a self-described private person. So, why would she choose to launch a business centered around the truthful realities of birth, pregnancy recovery, and breastfeeding? “The thing that helps me is my conviction in needing change,” she says. “I believe with all my heart that it’s not okay that we exist in this environment.” 

Bodily’s mission is to change the way mothers and families experience the transition to new parenthood. Because there hasn’t been an honest conversation about mothers’ experiences, they aren’t getting the support they need; Most significantly, maternity leave and the community and resources to heal. We discuss the importance of destigmatizing women’s health, the different phases of impacting cultural change, and why this conversation is vital to create a more equitable and supportive experience for mothers.

While this vulnerability may push Tovah out of her comfort zone, following her heart is the throughline of her journey. We delve into how she cultivates the courage to take risks and redirect her path to prioritize meaning and fulfillment. “As soon as I feel unhappy for a stretch, I wake up and decide something’s gotta change,” she adds. “Happiness is what this is all about.”