Empowering People to Reach their Health and Wellness Goals

Bret Jorgensen

with Bret Jorgensen

Chairman & CEO at MDVIP

Empowering People to Reach their Health and Wellness Goals

Empowering People to Reach their Health and Wellness Goals 383 383 33Voices

Bret Jorgensen joins 33voices to talk about how MDVIP is giving people personalized healthcare programs.

Personalized Healthcare — Reimagined

Fifteen years ago, a select group of forward thinking physicians set out to reimagine the healthcare delivery system – away from an impersonal, financial driven model to a more personalized approach that truly puts patients before profits.  MDVIP was born to ‘see patients as people — not numbers or charts — but unique individuals with their own personal story.’  Today, more than 240,000 members are the benefactors of a marquee  concierge delivery system that gives them 24/7 access to a personal doctor, affiliations with nationally renowned medical institutions, real-time access to their personal medical records, and an intelligent knowledge base to inspire them to live a healthier lifestyle.  Compare that to the last visit you had with your doctor?

In his second stint as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MDVIP, Bret Jorgensen leads an A-list executive team that’s determined to make personalized healthcare as accessible to middle income households, as it is to the super affluent.  I was elated to have Bret stop by our office to share a glimpse of the future.  

Here’s what we discuss:

  • The good and the bad of our current delivery system
  • The current trends that are most likely to shape the future
  • The MDVIP story & model
  • The MDVIP member advantages 
  • What MDVIP members can expect from their physician relationship
  • The role of technology in medicine
  • What emerging companies are doing to rethink their healthcare services