From the Other Side of the World

Elmira Bayrasli

with Elmira Bayrasli

Co-founder of Foreign Policy Interrupted

From the Other Side of the World

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Why the next Steve Jobs is just as likely to come from Lagos, Acapulco, Lahore, or Mumbai as from Silicon Valley.  Elmira Bayrasli and Moe dive into why the best kept entrepreneurial secrets come from individuals you may never have heard of.  

From the Other Side of the World

Amidst the great surge of entrepreneurship in the U.S., it easy to overlook the achievements of an equally brilliant core of entrepreneurs abroad.  Having the privilege to interview and learn from business builders around the world, I have immense appreciation for those in remote places who aspire for great pursuits, despite the scarcity of resources that often surrounds them.  

To get a glimpse of the talent abroad, look no further than the immigrants that we now call our own, Andy Grove, George Soros, Sergey Brin, and Pierre Omidyar, just to name a few.  Not only have these gifted individuals changed the way we live and work; they’ve paved the way for a new generation of dreamers who now stand on their shoulders and dare to try what others before them wouldn’t have imagined possible.  

In her work with worldly entrepreneurs and accompanying stories published in latest book – From the Other Side of the World:  Extraordinary Entrepreneurs, Unlikely Places, Elmira Bayrasli identifies seven rare individuals who have a thing or two to teach the world about entrepreneurship.  Despite the brilliance of their ideas,  their success is fueled less by technology, and much more by their tenacity.  

Here’s how our conversation flows: