Hacking Leadership

Mike Myatt

with Mike Myatt

CEO at N2growth, Forbes Leadership Columnist

Hacking Leadership

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Mike and Moe discuss The 11 gaps every business needs to close and the secrets to closing them quickly.

Hacking Leadership

In 2011, the former chief of the International Monetary Fund and a popular candidate for the French Presidency – Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested on suspicion of raping a hotel maid in New York. Subsequent to that, he was linked to several other sexual assaults, including his latest connection to an alleged prostitution ring at the Carlton hotel in France. I realize the tremendous scrutiny that such leaders are under, still I’ve often wondered what triggers such behavior.  

In the movie Spiderman, when Ben Parker said that “with great power comes great responsibility” it was a stark reminder of just how abusive power can be; particularly at the highest levels. I look at leadership today and I see far too many examples of corruption, and hardly enough role models with the noble intent of making the world a better place. The latter seem to always put the wellbeing of others as their foremost objective. In his book, Hacking Leadership, Mike Myatt identifies 11 leadership gaps that will inspire you to reimagine your role as a leader. Let’s start with what good leadership looks like