Happiness as a Second Language

Valerie Alexander

with Valerie Alexander

Author, Speaker, Screenwriter & Happiness Docent

Happiness as a Second Language

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Moe and Valerie discuss what it takes to achieve lasting, permanent happiness.

What Happy People Do

What if I told you that the real secret to wild success is to be happy, would you be a bit more conscious about monitoring your state of joy?  Too often, we misjudge the path to happiness and far too many of us correlate happiness with some other material state, like money or fame.  Yet happiness is first and foremost a state of mind; and unless you make a deliberate effort to wire your brain accordingly, you’ll forever be chasing it.  It’s that simple and that much more difficult, because as Mahatma Gandhi reinforced “happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

Observe an unhappy person, and you’re likely to notice a rigid human being who’s often more pessimistic than optimistic, always comparing herself to others, and likely one who lives in a constant state of worry and fear.  She simply makes life more difficult than it has to be, and she’s not alone.  In her book – Happiness as a second Language – screenwriter Valerie Alexander reminds you that the first step towards a lasting state of Happiness is to learn how to identify yourself —–