How Heymarket is Leading the Messaging Revolution

Amit Kulkarni

with Amit Kulkarni

Co-founder and CEO of Heymarket

How Heymarket is Leading the Messaging Revolution

How Heymarket is Leading the Messaging Revolution 512 549 33Voices

Amit and Jenna discuss how messaging is shaping the future of customer experience. 

Learning Points

  • Why bots can never replace humans and the power of personalization 
  • Harnessing messaging to build long-term relationships with your customers – You can only dive into the details when you have a human to human interaction 
  • The key to sales success – Following up – and how to optimize the process utilizing messaging 
  • Balancing familiarity with innovation in technology products; “Anything you can do to reduce the cognitive load for users, especially in the first experience, is always a win.” 
  • How to create content that amplifies your customers’ businesses and inspires others to use your product in new ways (Learn more from Heymarket’s Medium channel
  • Why you can never predict who will use your product and how to design it with a variety of customers in mind. Always ask: How can we build this feature to be used across a number of verticals?
  • Why Heymarket measures success as if it was a consumer product and how that helps them improve their software