How MVMT Democratized Luxury Watches

Jake Kassan

with Jake Kassan

CEO and Co-founder of MVMT

How MVMT Democratized Luxury Watches

How MVMT Democratized Luxury Watches 800 800 33Voices

Jake Kassan and Jenna chat about MVMT’s founding story, from maxing out their credit cards to launch their all or nothing Indiegogo campaign to becoming the leading millennial watch brand. Jake shares entrepreneurial stories, beginning from his first business selling lollipops in elementary school to running two e-commerce startups as a teen, and how they prepared him to help scale MVMT to $80 million in revenue in five years without any outside investment. 

Reflecting on those experiences, we break down the lessons Jake’s learned about deciding where to invest your time and the simple system he relies on to seek and distill advice. He also shares tips to maintain perspective, “control what you can control,” and strive to always see the silver-lining in your life; “When you let something negative go, something positive comes around the corner.”