How to Get Through to Absolutely Anyone

Mark Goulston

with Mark Goulston

Founder at Heal the World, One Conversation at a Time

How to Get Through to Absolutely Anyone

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Moe and Mark Goulston talk about how to turn the “impossible” and “unreachable” people into allies, customers, colleagues, and lifetime friends.

The Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone

There’s no greater gift that you can offer to anyone more than your undivided attention. As simple as that may sound, therein lies the great secret and/or mystery of the world’s most admired communicators.  It wasn’t long ago that I had the honor of conducting a phone interview with the charismatic SAP Chief Executive Officer, Bill McDermott; and not since meeting Bill Clinton had I left a conversation having felt that rare presence that we admire so much in exceptional leaders.   It didn’t matter that we were a thousand miles apart – Bill’s tone made for a warm and sincere conversation.  He was courteous and transparent, his answers were deliberate and on point, and most important of all, he never once interrupted the flow of our conversation.

Bill McDermott’s rise to the corner office is no accident.  He is an outstanding leader because he connects personally with people, and as Dr. Mark Goulston describes in his book, Just Listen:  Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone, he has mastered the art of helping others ‘feel felt’ and feel valuable.

In this conversation with Dr. Goulston, we’ll drill deeper into this issues:




  • The power of noticing
  • The key traits that distinguish the best listeners
  • The most common listening blockers and how to avoid them
  • The difference between listening TO someone and listening INTO someone
  • Are you a Top(er) or a Plus (er)
  • How admired entrepreneurs become more impactful
  • The power Thank You