How to Root Out Behaviors that Undermine Your Work

Cary Greene

with Cary Greene

Partner of the Strategic Offsites Group

How to Root Out Behaviors that Undermine Your Work

How to Root Out Behaviors that Undermine Your Work 351 491 33Voices

Moe and Cary Greene talk about the counter-sabotage measures to detect and reduce the impact of sabotage tactics to improve productivity, spur creativity, and engender better collegial relationships.

Beware of These Eight Simple Sabotage Tactics

Prior to learning about and speaking with Cary Greene about his book, Simple Sabotage, I had never heard of the Simple Sabotage Field Manual that was originally released by the Office of Strategic Services in 1944 to train European resistors.  The topic in and of itself is intriguing, but as you read through the book and start to connect the dots; you’ll undoubtedly start to recall incidents within your own organization where these tactics were visible.  Whether they were deliberate or not; unless you’re well equipped to deal with them, you’re likely to get trapped by them.

Here’s what I discuss with Cary:

  • The eight most common sabotage tactics.
  • How to spot someone likely to engage in sabotage?
  • Why obedience becomes sabotage by obedience?
  • Beware of committee – here’s why?
  • Why someone talking too much is a major red flag?
  • Pay closer attention to irrelevant topics discussed in meetings.
  • What to do to not be misunderstood?
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