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For Jonas Koffler, creativity is a calling.  It’s the gift that he willingly and openly shares with the world as a writer, producer, entrepreneur, and co-author with with Patrick Vlaskovits, and Neil Patel of Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum.  If you like inspiration, genuineness, and truth, you’ll appreciate Jonas’ wisdom and charm.

Insights & Perspectives from Jonas Koffler

Hustle is ‘decisive movement toward a goal, however indirect, by which the motion itself manufactures luck, surfaces hidden opportunities, and charges our lives with more money, meaning, and momentum.’

When Something Starts Shouting loud enough at you, you have to start listening to it.

Hustle Resonates because people are seeking a way out, a way to move up, and a way to break free from the punitive chains of feathers that hinder their abilities to excel or move forward.

When It Comes to the big choices in life, the really BIG ones — a career we find stifling or one that’s fulfilling, a relationship we find suffocating or one that allows us to grow — too many of us choose not to choose.

By Hustling, we surface our identity and we allow ourselves to move from who we are to who we’re going to become – our destiny.

Listen And Respond to Your Body; it’s the way of the universe communicating with you.

Make meaningful relationships with people who are loving and positive in spirit, and who are very supportive to whatever your circumstances may be.

That moment when you overcome your fear of death, you set yourself free because there’s nothing left to fear.  

I recognize that life is going to be long, and I can be patient and I can work toward longevity in all these endeavors.  I don’t expect it overnight – you don’t want to be here today and gone tomorrow.  You really want to strive having success and fulfillment over a long, long time.

When facing setbacks, I don’t take things personally, I deal with it right away.  I try to keep my sense of humor about things – just because something is serious, doesn’t mean it can’t be funny.

It’s the most enriching part of life to go through these adversities and to be head strong, heart open and learn from it… I’ve set my life up to have optionality.

Heart, Head, and Habits. Most people are disenchanted with their work; don’t default to someone else’s dreams. Own your own dream and get your heart right by doing something that moves you energetically, emotionally, and entrepreneurially that gives you a sense of freedom immediately.  

The Head layer is about choosing to make your life an adventure, to take the pressure off, and to navigate the world, and to ask the big questions – “who am I” “where do I want to go”, and “How do I get there.”  

Success = hard work x luck x your unique talents

The three unseen laws of hustle: Do something that moves you.  Keep your head up and your eyes open.  Seal the deal and make it real.  

For those who choose to hustle, your Personal Opportunity Portfolio {POP} will give you the practices to move forward.  The four pieces of POP are Potential {developing your capabilities}, People {finding your tribe}, Projects {your statement of action, and Proof {your definitive statement of credibility}.  

Hustle luck is all about action and movement. Creating space for automatic collisions to happen.  If you’re static, you’re not creating opportunities of ideas or conversation to emerge.  

Hidden luck is about integration more than anything else; it requires doing some pattern recognition, seeing things that other people don’t see, connecting dots around those opportunities, whether it’s bringing people together, bringing ideas together, connecting someone with a company or figuring out where the hidden value is and surfacing it.  

I’m not a conformist. I look at the world differently because I’m trying to tune in at a frequency that most people aren’t operating on.  I do that by slowing down the game and allowing my mind to be open to people and ideas.

Listening is an art form. It’s a science and an art form; I’ve always been wired for listening.  The way that I’ve honed that craft is that I use a simple framework. I’m exploring certain patterns or themes — I wish to be supportive of the person I’m speaking with, and to see where they are being unsupported and ways where I can edify their journey.

The hardest thing in life is starting, it’s not finishing — it’s starting.  Many of us are wired for perfectionism, when the reality is that imperfection is the way to realizing that the world is your oyster.  You’re not trying to be Michelangelo. Instead of defaulting to wanting to be the master, simply do something for 10-minutes a day.  You’ll stop judging, you’ll stop worrying about perfection, and you’ll get in that state of flow.  it’s like being in the Temple of Doing!

Money is a great thing but it has no intrinsic value in and of itself what’s so ever. It’s a way to provide more choice and optionality and to do a lot of good in the world.

Find small ways to help people. Share your success with others. Money is one part of the equation, and if you’re only mired in the pursuit of money, you’re missing so much richness in life.

Projects not careers are the foundation of your hustle. If you’re stuck in a 9 to 5 career that you hate, why not start exploring other options in your spare time.  Be willing to take a little risk, get our of your comfort zone and make small bets on yourself.  Don’t be static, be open to change.. Your identity today will be vastly different than who you’ll be 30 years from today.