Indulging in the Adventure of Life

Norma Kamali

with Norma Kamali

Author and Founder of NORMA KAMALI and NORMALIFE

Indulging in the Adventure of Life

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When Norma Kamali visits kids at her high school she encourages them to imagine…How close to your dream can your life be?

Renowned designer, Norma’s extraordinary life is an embodiment of not only realizing our dreams, but continuously expanding them. Her philosophy is an invitation to indulge in the adventure of life. We delve into her book I Am Invincible to explore the physical, mental, and emotional foundations that facilitate our becoming and hear pivotal stories that shaped hers. She shares how she followed her intuition to strike out as a solo designer, and save her soul, in her 20s, say ‘Yes!’ to the spontaneous European olive-oil adventure that spurred her wellness endeavors, and commit to the life cleanse that continues to ignite her creativity.

Norma is an inspiration to embody the courage to pursue the experiences that enliven us. “I am 76 and I’m still dreaming,” she says. “I don’t have deadlines and I don’t have limits.” 

*Editor’s note: We experienced sound fluctuations recording this episode remotely. Thank you for listening and understanding!