Innovative Solutions to Global Health and Poverty

Eric Bing

with Eric Bing

Director, Global Health at George W. Bush Institute

Innovative Solutions to Global Health and Poverty

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Moe Abdou interviews Eric Bing, author of Pharmacy on a Bicycle.

Pharmacy on a Bicycle

The healthcare epidemic facing the United States, and the world for that matter, is inescapable.  For the few who will benefit from the recent changes, millions more are bound to suffer.   Despite being one of the most advanced economies, the U.S. still ranks near the bottom in health care efficiency.  

According to Bloomberg, health-care costs account for nearly 17.2% of the U.S. GDP per capita, which is astonishing when compared to places like Hong Kong and Singapore, who hover around 4% with a much more robust system.  Only Serbia and Brazil have worst efficiency ratings.  Logically, innovation can shrink the gap, but the hierarchical challenges continue to inhabit such creative thinking.   

As the senior fellow and Director of Global Health at the George W. Bush Institute, Dr. Eric Bing wrote his book, Pharmacy on a Bicycle, to give you a glimpse of what happens when Governments, NGO’s, businesses and people actually work together.  Not only do they save lives and promote wellbeing, more importantly, they create a sustainable model that multiplies with progress.  His seven step program is appropriately captured with the acronym – IMPACTS, and whether you know it or not, it touches your life; here’s why!