It’s Time To Build In The MENA Region

Amal Dokhan

with Amal Dokhan

Innovation advocate, entrepreneurial zealot, mentor

It’s Time To Build In The MENA Region

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A new generation of business builders are emerging in the Middle East, and Saudi Arabia is leading the way in shaping a future that’s destined to be very different from the past.  Entrepreneurial zealot, Amal Dokhan joins Moe Abdou to discuss the convergence of talent + possibility in the region.

The correlation between thinking and outputs

After decades of being synonymous with oil, the Middle East and Saudi Arabia in particular is reshaping its corporate identity and challenging a new generation of entrepreneurs to expand their imaginations.  A culture that was once ultra-conservative and traditional is now venturing into the edges of possibility and inspiring an entire population to rethink everything.  

With technology at the forefront, Saudi Arabia is well positioned to do in the next decade what it did in the five previous.  From building world-class capabilities to expanding their boarders; the Saudi mystique is igniting an unparalleled convergence of talent and possibility, and as you’ll hear from Amal Dokhan – this is just the beginning.  

Amal has been at the forefront of the MENA entrepreneurial scene for over a decade, and as we’ll discuss in this episode, the region’s approach to thinking about the future is both deliberate and very local.  Here’s a sampling of the questions we discuss: 

  • The fortitude to challenge existing paradigms. 
  • Why her personal journey is a metaphor for the region’s entrepreneurial mindset? 
  • The edge that MENA females have in building breakthrough companies.
  • Reframing the perception of risk in the region. 
  • Why it matters to seek difficult challenges and the impact it has on your thinking?
  • The skill that entrepreneurs covet above others.
  • What you should never ignore when you’re thinking about the future?
  • Learning to become a great learner.
  • For the MENA region to evolve, they must first let go of these ideas.
  • The correlation between thinking and execution.
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