Lead to Succeed

Chris Roebuck

with Chris Roebuck

Global Leadership & Organizational Performance Expert

Lead to Succeed

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Moe and Chris Roebuck discuss how to transform both your own and your peoples’ performances, whether you’re an individual leader, a leader of leaders or work in HR, IT, finance or marketing. 

Leadership Is the Highest Privilege

Leadership is the highest privilege – for it not only has the power to ignite greatness in others; more importantly, its the ultimate test of humility.  I’ve always relished the opportunity to contribute to the success and wellbeing of others, if for no other reason than the deep respect I have for those who’ll rest at nothing to achieve their dreams.  Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to work with both remarkable leaders, and manipulative ones; and without fail, the former make it their highest priority to maximize the effort of those they work with.  In his book – Lead to Succeed, visiting professor of transformational leadership at Cass Business School, Chris Roebuck defines great leadership as ‘making a difference and transforming lives for the better – not just grabbing the money and running.’  

Here are the key concepts that we discuss:

  • How do you recognize great leadership

  • What it takes to maximize employee engagement and effort

  • Why do talented individuals give less than their best

  • What distinguishes an entrepreneurial leaders from her contemporaries

  • How great leaders accept and delegate responsibility

  • The right way to handle crisis

  • Management vs leadership – the same or different