Leading Positively

Kathryn D. Cramer

with Kathryn D. Cramer

Founder of The Cramer Institute

Leading Positively

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Moe and Kathy discuss what highly effective leaders see, say, and do.

Leading Positively

Roughly a decade ago, I was introduced to a confidence enhancing concept called – The Positive Focus – by the creator of the Strategic Coach, Dan Sullivan.  The program is a think tank for high achieving entrepreneurs who aspire for exponential growth.  The premise of his theory is as simple as it is profound and calls for you to highlight the five most important achievements for a particular timeframe or project.  Once identified, you state the reason why you feel as such, and then specify any next steps you plan to take.  It takes less than five minutes to complete, and still to this day, it invariably shifts my mental frame of mind and always seems to ignite a spark in my behavior.

I have since made The Positive Focus a vital heuristic in my life.  I use it to kick-off meetings, to set the tone for all my one-on-one mentoring sessions, and especially to measure the progress of any strategic or change initiative.  Dr. Kathryn Cramer is a psychologist who has made it her life’s work to help leaders approach their craft from a stronger base of positivity.  Her latest book – Lead Positive:  What Highly Effective Leaders See, Say and Do – invites you to imagine what leadership would be like if you could see more possibilities than problems? Say more about why and less about what and how? And do courageous thing instead of operating out of your comfort zone? It all starts with this Asset-Based Thinking model —-