Making Greatness Routine

Kapil Gupta

with Kapil Gupta

Personal Advisor to Pro Athletes, CEO's, Celebrities

Making Greatness Routine

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Anyone can reach the pinnacle once, but to stay & stretch beyond it requires an all-together different DNA – Moe and Kapil discuss the depth of understanding required to make greatness routine.

Making Greatness Routine

Why is it so rare for individuals and organizations to repeat success?

Regardless of how you and/or your company define success, staying and stretching beyond that pinnacle is not only elusive, but exceedingly rare.  Greatness, as you’re about to discover, isn’t as much a reflection of your work ethic and discipline – more so, it’s a deeply rooted connection to the very essence of your being.  To Kapil, it’s interwoven with your DNA, and as we discussed in this episode, those who experience it don’t follow formulas or techniques – they first and foremost seek to understand it.

As are all my conversations with Kapil, the ideas we discuss here are unconventional and counter to worldly thinking – still, I strongly encourage you to listen deeply and challenge yourself to explore that part of your core that’s truly yearning for this level of depth.  Consider these insights:

  • To be the best in the world – one must have the DNA to reject one’s own culture and beliefs.
  • Hard work is a form of anxiety rather than a natural pursuit – it’s the middle man.
  • Human beings have a habit of subscribing to beliefs – and it’s those beliefs that often get in the way of experiencing greatness.
  • The one question that torments me everyday is “What is it that I have not understood”.
  • The idea of getting somewhere is less appealing than effort.
  • For massive change to occur, one has to first get comfort with a new self-image.
  • The person who rejects everything is the person who has a chance.
  • An understanding of Eastern Philosophy is a common thread amongst those who repeat success – they let things come to them as opposed to forcing & chasing them.
  • There are no business problems – there are only human problems.
  • Greatness is an examination – it’s a desire to know, not a compulsion to do.
  • When adversity strikes – be rigorous about understanding where it came from.
  • Nothing great happens by democracy – it’s all about meritocracy.