The Truth About Self-Worth

Kapil Gupta

with Kapil Gupta

Personal Advisor to Pro Athletes, CEO's, Celebrities

The Truth About Self-Worth

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Kapil + Moe explore why the game of life is fundamentally flawed and how a state of equanimity can give you a glimpse of the Truth. 

The Truth About Self-Worth

No more inspired way to kick off 2019 than with an important conversation with Kapil Gupta about the myths and truths of self-worth.  Regardless of how you define it, the way you think about and see yourself on the inside is a mirror to how the world sees you on the outside.  Certainly, some are better than others at faking or hiding it; still none of us are immune to the emotional turmoil that comes with a self-image that’s always evolving.  

As with all of our conversations, don’t expect to hear prescriptions or conventional thinking; but listen closely to the manner in which Kapil describes his pursuit of the ultimate freedom.  Here’s a sampling of the insights you can expect to hear:

  • Self-worth is like chasing a ghost – a self-image that’s largely unknown.
  • Whenever you have rules, you have problems.
  • Comparing yourself to others is the road to mediocrity and a sure sign of regression.
  • While mentorship shrinks the learning curve, it’s also a consensus trap.
  • Superstars don’t achieve continual excellence by following technique – they discover a form of alchemy that works for them and actualize it. 
  • The content of your mind is irrelevant 
  • There’s only misery, there’s only suffering – and that is because nothing lasts.
  • The elite individual in any domain is the individual who is first and foremost – free.
  • When you have an uncompromising vision, you’re living a life of purity.
  • When a human being has no need, he is free – and when he is free, he becomes untouchable – he becomes a legend.