Making Organizational Integrity Intentional

Rob Chesnut

with Rob Chesnut

Chief Ethics Officer of Airbnb Inc.,

Making Organizational Integrity Intentional

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One of the leading authorities on business ethics, Rob Chesnut joins Moe Abdou to discuss his latest book – Intentional Integrity, and to give us a rare glimpse at thinking behind Airbnb, Inc.’s most challenging ethical dilemmas.  

Can Integrity Be Taught?

Integrity is a tricky word – while most of us relate it to ‘doing the right thing’; still fewer and fewer in leadership and/or in corporate America actually walk the talk.  The first half of 2020 has been definitive on multiple fronts, least of which is the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Nonetheless, what will be most revealing when we look back at the turn of this decade is the manner in which leaders – political and otherwise, have navigated the rough seas and emerged either stronger or weaker. 

No industry was hit harder than the travel and hospitality segment – and no company has maneuvered more strategically than Airbnb, Inc.  Not only did they bring to life the essence of what it means to ‘belong’; more importantly, they showcased why crisis leadership starts and ends with people.  In his book – Intentional Integrity:  How Smart Companies Can Lead An Ethical Revolution, Chief Ethics Officer, Rob Chesnut takes you inside Airbnb’s integrity lab to demonstrate why the actions that we observe on the outside are the byproduct of a code of conduct that does more than just hang on the wall.  Listen for his thoughts on the following questions:   

  • What really is integrity?
  • What makes the topic so difficult for so many companies?
  • The leaders who most exemplify ethical and moral leadership.
  • Rethinking the role of Shareholders and Stakeholders.
  • The correlation between ethics and profits.
  • The essential aspects of an effective code of conduct?
  • The ingredients of an ethical conversations.
  • The ten integrity issues that could derail your mission?
  • Why whistleblowers do what they do?
  • Understanding what’s causing the ethical deficit in the world?
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    • Twitter   | @ChesnutRob