Mastering the Art of Recruiting

Michael Travis

with Michael Travis

Principal at Travis & Company, Inc.

Mastering the Art of Recruiting

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Moe and Mike travis discuss the steps that anyone can take in order to master the art (and science) of recruiting.

Mastering the Art of Recruiting

I’m always baffled when I hear anyone discuss the modern day urgency of hiring great talent.  All too often, it’s made to sound as if this is a new found imperative brought about by the great advance in technology, but consider for a moment any point in history when the world hasn’t been dependent upon human ingenuity for breakthroughs?   The fact of the matter is that recruiting and developing highly intelligent people has and will always be the hallmark of building any great organization. The difference today however, is that companies like Google, Boston Consulting Group, and SaS Institute are relentless at refining the process, while the rest just do what they’ve always done.

The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said once that, “Talent hits a target no else can hit.  Genius hits a target no one else can see.”  I believe that the best recruiters look for the non-obvious, and that’s why I was so excited to speak with headhunter extraordinaire, Michael Travis about his latest book, Mastering the art of Recruiting.  

Here’s what you can expect:

  • The elusive challenges to hiring great talent

  • What the best talent magnets do

  • The recruiting process – art & science

  • Why ambitious individuals are attracted more to purpose than opportunity

  • The most important interview in the process

  • Don’t ask these questions

  • Should you trust your gut?