Building a Better Marketplace for Hourly Jobs


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Building a Better Marketplace for Hourly Jobs

Building a Better Marketplace for Hourly Jobs 720 720 33Voices

Chase and Jenna interview Reed Shaffner and Chris Ovitz about simplifying the process of finding and hiring talent.

Workpop’s Mission to Empower Job Seekers

I was initially drawn to WorkPop by the site’s beautiful colors and alluring design; And if it wasn’t for the distinct call to action asking viewers to select “Start hiring” or “Find a job” you’d never guess that the Los Angeles startup is a platform for job seekers. 

That being said, my attraction to the site falls directly in line with the founders guiding vision to turn the mundane into the exciting. 

Formerly of Scopely and Zynga, Co-founders and Co-CEOs Chris Ovitz and Reed Shaffner are using exceptional user experience to reimagine how hourly workers find jobs. 

Instead of submitting a written resume and never hearing back, Workpop empowers individuals to take control of the application process by providing actionable feedback on how to improve their resumes, including anonymous feedback from employers, and suggesting positions they’re likely to get. 

Job seekers can submit pre-interview videos, highlight their skills (and be endorsed by previous employers similar to LinkedIn), as well as have friends and previous team members vouch for them via connections on social media. 

Employers, on the other hand, gain access to greater references, in depth screening information, and messaging features to begin the dialogue. 

Chris and Reed’s highest goal is to connect everyone in Los Angeles to a job they love and they’re committed to mastering that market before expanding. 

To learn more about how you can use Workpop to connect to jobs or expand your team tune into Chris and Reed’s episode of 33Founders and click here to get started.