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Designing a memorable mobile experience starts with being human and understanding why humans do what they do.  Moe Abdou and former Facebook Executive, S.C. Moatti discuss the key ingredients of the world’s most admired mobile platforms.

Designing Meaningful Mobile Experiences

Ask former Facebook executive, S.C. Moatti why the Mobile Applications of Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, and Sonos stand apart; and you’re likely to hear her echo the mantra of her three rules of mobile success – an attractive body, a meaningful life, and the ability to help its user increase their competence and ability.  To a novice, that may not sound too difficult, but to any business trying to truly capture the small screen, that’s a tall order, as Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia (@jgebbia) recently shared at TED 2016.

As you listen to Gebbia describe the enormity of the design challenge to overcome the stranger/danger bias, you’ll immediately understand why Moatti’s thesis is insistent on human-first principles.  In her book, Mobilized: An Insider’s Guide to the Business and Future of Connected Technology, she synthesizes her experiences at Facebook, Nokia, Opera Software, and Trulia to capture the very essence of what it takes to design a meaningful mobile experience.  

There’s no denying that in the not too distant future, the world’s population will use their mobile phones in ways we never imagined possible; still to get there, businesses have a lot of unlearning to do.  In this conversation with Moatii (@scmoatti), we’ll take a peek at what it was like to build the Facebook app, and why empathy is critical when thinking about your audience.  

Here’s a glimpse of what we discuss:

  • What makes a mobile product human?

  • Why a successful transition to mobile starts with workplace culture

  • The three principles of mobile success

  • Why the meaning component is so tricky and how to simplify it

  • How will the learning component make us smarter?

  • Mobile business models that work

  • Why Mark Zuckerberg is the face of the mobile revolution